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Stephen and Alice wanted to make some more space in their classic Woodland home.  To start off this renovation project, we are converting their existing garage into 3 new rooms: a living room, a bathroom and a laundry.  The existing laundry was partly in the kitchen area and partly in the garage, so having a new laundry in its own area will be a great addition.  Next, we are adding on a new attached 2-car garage to take the place of the old one.  Finally, we are extending the front of the house to add about 200 sq. ft. to the kitchen and dining area.





  • Client: Stephen and Alice M.
  • Location: Woodland, CA
  • Surface Area: 600 sq. ft.
  • Year: 2020
  • Scope: Garage Conversion, Kitchen Addition, New Garage
  • Architect: Joe Hartigan



This home has a classic Woodland look that the owners want to keep, so we will keep the original profile with the new addition.

Footing and Foundation



We started the frame with the new garage.  Normally we would have done the entire structure all at once but PG&E had a gas line running through one of our new footings so we had to wait for the gas meter to be moved before we could pour that section.  The new garage is 20'x21' with a 16' garage door.  The garage door beam is a heavy duty PSL, ensuring no sagging in the future.

Next we added on 200 sq. ft. to the kitchen and dining room and converted the old garage into living space.  The original garage was 20'x20', which has now been turned into a living room, laundry room and full bathroom.

Finally we sheathed the roof with a radiant barrier sheathing so we can get the structure dryed in.

Now we are working in the rough electrical, plumbing and mechanical.  Stay tuned for more!

This project is now finished, here you will see the remodeled front bathroom, new dining floor to match the oak in the existing part of the home.

The kitchen is large with abundance of cabinets, beautiful backsplash and quartz counters. The kitchen floor was special ordered and finished the

look the owners wanted. The new family room has wood floor to match the rest of the original home, with new bath around the bend and new

laundry area and then off to the new 2 car garage!


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