What's New For Kitchen Remodels in Sacramento


Kitchen Remodel in Sacramento with large white island.

The kitchen is the most important room in our house.  Here we start every morning with cup of coffee, and here we finish the day, having dinner with our loved ones.  That’s why the kitchen interior should make you happy, cheerful and give you energy.  If it doesn’t, maybe it is time for you to consider that your kitchen is in dire need of a makeover.  It’s a big job, both in the amount of work that gets done and in terms of the design decisions to be made.  So don’t hurry to bash down those walls, and let Hartigan Construction come to your aid and guide you through the whole process with ease.  We offer an individual approach for kitchen remodeling in Sacramento, outstanding work quality at affordable prices.

Every kitchen eventually needs remodeling for a variety of reasons.  Even the most fashionable and attractive design may become obsolete as trends today are changing at a tremendous rate.  Keep in mind that the kitchen is a place where you constantly cook, wash the dishes etc.  Your walls, floors and appliances need to withstand temperature changes, high humidity, oil splatter and conditions.  Think about how you use your current kitchen to determine your priorities for the remodeled room.  What works well in you kitchen now?  What doesn’t?  As a remodel contractor in Sacramento, we can help you with these issues, creating a perfect custom design.


Kitchen Remodel Trends For 2019


kitchen trend design, with two people eating lunch on the kitchen island.


As you start planning to contact a kitchen remodel contractor, it is necessary to determine your vision of the future kitchen.  You don’t need a full design here, just start to get an idea of what you want in your new kitchen.  How many people will be cooking at the same time? Do you want it small and intimate or open and inviting?  Separate double oven or oven cooktop combo?  If you need some inspiration you can look through our gallery or check out some pictures online.  


Do not rely on trends completely, the most essential goal is to remodel the room in the way you’ll really like.  We can offer you some interesting trends for inspiration:

  • bespoke laundries and pantries
  • waterfall kitchen islands
  • walnut butcher block counters
  • marvelous marble finishes
  • benches and banquette seating
  • multifunctional trough sink
  • wall mount faucets (amazing for cleaning!)


The kitchen, of which you can  spend several hours of your day should be the room that keeps you most up to date. Minimalism is very much appreciated today.  Prefer long stretches of uncluttered surface and clean lines, as they are a key, desired look.  Streamline industrial style is another trend of this year.  Pared-back working areas have timeless appeal and it will continue to be in vogue.  Following these tips, your kitchen will become as practical and useful as it is aesthetically pleasing.


Why Do You Need  A Trusted Remodel Contractor in Sacramento


If you’re planning to have your kitchen remodeled, it is extremely important to have a general contractor who understands you vision and style oversee the work.  In this way you’re making sure the job is done perfectly from very start to finish with maximum efficiency and minimal delays as well.  The mission of Hartigan Construction Inc. is pretty simple:  All our clients are unique, with specific desires and visions.  That’s why we offer an individual approach, so we can create the best version of your kitchen.  We will design in detail all the aspects of your project, taking great care to make sure we are creating exactly what you envision.  Our professionals will provide you with the highest level of customer service and the final result will exceed your expectations!


So don’t hesitate to contact us for your kitchen remodel in Sacramento.

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