The Delaware House project is a classic teardown and rebuild.  The original house had a rear patio that was closed in and a garage car port that was "turned" into a garage.  The patio area had to be stepped down into and did not flow with the house floor.  So we demoed the patio concrete and poured a new foundation in order to turn that area into seamless floor space.  The garage was also demoed and the concrete re-poured.  After the roof and all the rot was was removed, all that stood was a few exterior walls.  We then reframed the inside walls with a newer and more open design, and added on about 500 square feet to the back of the house.


  • Client: James and Karen G.
  • Location: West Sacramento
  • Surface Area: 1400 sq ft.
  • Year: 2018
  • Scope: Tear Down and Rebuild
  • Architect: Joe Hartigan




As you can see above, the original roof line was quite a mess.  Lots of different panes and slopes from trying to add on the garage and from other previous work.  In the back of the house picture you can see house the patio area is at ground level but the door exiting the master bedroom is raise with the house floor.  From the inside pictures you can see just how closed off and claustrophobic the original design was.


After Demo

These pictures show just how extensive the demo really is.  There is not much left of this house.  We still have yet to demo out the porch and the garage concrete.  There will also be some more walls coming down, some for design purposes and some because of termite damage.


Home Building


Now the roof is consistent with one simple slope and pane.  The garage has been reframed and now has more space and 10 foot high ceilings.  The porch has more room and has been fully stuccoed on along with the ceiling and the main beam.  The master bedroom now comes way out past the old patio area, allowing us to now fit the laundry in it's own room in the center of the bedrooms instead of across the house.

Now the entry is much more open and inviting, allowing you to see the kitchen and dining room after entering the front door.  The kitchen itself is streamlined and open, allowing the owners to bring in their existing furniture to finish it off.  We contrasted to white quartz countertop with a beautiful dark walnut butcher block top for the side cabinets.  In the island we have a barn sink, dishwasher and trash drawer (right of sink).  Add in the Bertazonni overn and hood, and you have a wonderful kitchen.

The new hall bath was done in a classic style keeping with the age of the home and the neighborhood.  Black and white mosaic tile with a porcelain pedestal sink.  The tub is a jacuzzi with a heater built in.  This is nice so you don't have to waster water by draining the tub and adding more hot water for those longer baths.  The laundry was located just outside the kitchen in what was the old patio (since demolished).  Now the laundry in located centrally between the bedrooms in the hallway which is much more convenient.  No more walking across the whole house with laundry baskets!


The master bedroom has side by side his and her closets that will eventually get cedar closet kits installed.  The master bath stays close to the theme of the hallway bath with the black and white mosaic tiles.  The shower is subway tile up to the mosaic deco strip, then we turned the tiles 45 degrees for the top pattern.  This shower also boasts dual showers valves making it easy for two people to use.

That is all for this project.  If you have any questions or comments feel free to drop us a line in the comments below.

See you on the next one!


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