How Much Does it Cost to Build a House in Phoenix, Arizona?

When you're thinking about building a new home in Phoenix, Arizona it can be hard to know the overall cost so you can get an estimate for the project. It's easy to put a price tag on building a new home, but the cost of living in a particular area can be different. It's important to know the real costs. According to the estimates for 2022, the average cost to build a 2000-square-foot house in Arizona is around $360,000 to $640,000. The cost varies too much in this state. For per square foot you have to bear $200 to $350 and the average per square foot cost is $250 in AZ.


building a house in phoenix

What are the real costs of building a home in Phoenix?

The cost of building a home can be a tough thing to estimate. It's easy to put a price tag on building a new home, but the cost of living in a particular area can be different. It's important to know the real costs. According to the Arizona Department of Revenue, the average construction cost for a new single-family home in the state is $434,879. This is based on a construction cost-per-square-foot for building a two-story, three-bedroom, two-bathroom home with a garage.

Building Permit Fees$2,300-$4,700
Arizona Land Cost$70,000-1,000,000+
2,000 Square Foot House$400,000-$700,000
Average Per Sq Ft Cost$200-$350

Is it cheaper to live in Phoenix?

Phoenix, Arizona is a beautiful city, with warm weather and low cost of living. It's five percent lower than the national average, and, due to the thriving tourism industry, locals save approximately $1,000 per year on taxes. If you're thinking about moving to Phoenix, you and your family might be wondering, is it cheaper to live in Phoenix than other cities? Keep in mind that the average cost of living in Phoenix is much lower than coastal cities like San Francisco, San Diego, and New York City, which are all more expensive. Phoenix is a beautiful, warm weather city and is an affordable place to live.
If you venture outside the Phoenix Metro area to Meza, Chandler or Gilbert which may only be 15 minutes from Phoenix, you’ll find the cost of living to be even more affordable.

What it’s like to live in phoenix?

Phoenix is located in the southwestern United States in the state of Arizona. Phoenix is the capital and most populous city of the state. Because of the rapid growth and population of the area, the surrounding areas have many shopping centers. These Phoenix shopping centers offer a wide range of different stores and services. Phoenix is a well-known city for ease of transportation with modern highways, public transportation and airports. The average temperature in Phoenix ranges from a low of 35 degrees Fahrenheit in January to a high of 104 degrees in July. The average annual rainfall is only around 6 inches. The humidity is typically low, with a relative humidity of around 30%. Phoenix has a desert type climate, with low annual rainfall and low relative humidity. Daytime temperatures are high throughout the summer months, ranging from an average high of 95 degrees in July to an average low of 63 degrees in January. Phoenix has a mild winter climate, with temperatures averaging around 40 degrees. The nighttime temperatures frequently drop below freezing during the three coldest months

Why build your own home?

Building your own home is often cheaper than buying a property from a developer. You can save money on your mortgage, build equity in your home, and save time by building it yourself. And if you prefer to build your home from scratch, you can still save money by building it yourself. The only downside to building a home is that there is a potential time and money investment involved. Building your home can take anywhere from 3-8 months, and you’ll need to find the right location, find a builder, and find the right design. However, if you have the time, money, and desire to build your own home, it can be worth it.

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