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Bath & Kitchen Remodeler San Tan Valley

Bath & Kitchen Remodeler in San Tan Valleyhome bath and kitchen remodeler in San Tan Valley

The bathroom & kitchen are very important rooms in every home. No matter how big or small, it needs to be in its best shape. Some may require a few renovations, while others require full remodeling. I will take you through some of the best remodeling tips in this article.

Bathroom & Kitchen Remodeling Tips

Replace old appliances & fixtures

One of the things that you need to consider during remodeling is whether to replace a appliances and fixtures. Although you may be tempted to save money, it's best to spend the money now, those elements in a bathroom or kitchen will bring that room from old to new.

Refresh the space by installing new flooring

Changing the floor alone can give your bathroom a whole new look. But if the floor is still intact, you can give it a deep clean as you focus on remodeling the rest of the room. Popular options are tile, stone, vinyl and more.

Set the mood with proper lighting

Adequate lighting is important in the bathroom or kitchen. Not only does it add style and set the mood, but it also keeps mold at bay. Mold develops faster in dark rooms. As you think about the light fixtures, also think about a design that can incorporate natural light. This can help save on energy bills during the day.

Add style with the sink of your choice

Sinks are one of the most common bathroom & kitchen remodeling upgrades. If the existing sink is outdated, you need to replace it. A new sink will freshen the look. There is no best option, rather a style preference. Choose the best sink that fits your style, décor and counter/cabinets.

Modernize the space using cabinets, countertops, and vanities

Countertops, vanities, and cabinets are the focal points of the bathroom & kitchen. They tend to wear out after many years of service. You can replace these features to give you a brand-new look. Popular bathroom & kitchen countertops are stone, quartz and new man made products.

Remodel fixtures

When remodeling the bathroom or kitchen, fixtures are one of the things you need to consider. These are simple upgrades that can transform the space, in relation to the cost of your complete remodel, you do not need to break the bank with the cost of fixtures. There are affordable fixture material that can give you the look you desire and save you money.

Best Remodeling Contractor in San Tan Valley, AZ

To get value for money, you need to get an experienced contractor. Hartigan construction has over 25 years of experience in design, engineering, construction, and green energy services. If you are searching for the best remodeling contractor in San Tan Valley, try Hartigan Construction. You can call us via (916)372-0530 or (480) 791-6203 to receive a free estimate. Alternatively, you can contact us using this form.

Hartigan Construction, a leading general contractor for 25 years is serving the greater Phoenix area including Queen CreekTempeMesaGilbertChandlerChandler Heights, San Tan Valley and more.



We are passionate about building. If you are looking for a custom home, we can design, engineer and build it all in house. If you already have yours plans, we can build that design as well. Now days we are seeing two types of home build project types: new builds and knock downs.

For a new build, we will plan and develop the property from the ground up, constructing a beautiful custom home that is brand new. From green efficiency to integrated technology, everything will be state of the art. For those who want complete control over their design, this is a good method.

Increasingly popular is a knock down project type. For this kind of project we will mostly demolish an existing house. Add on significant square footage while changing the original design and layout of the existing house to create our customers vision. This method avoids the cost of property development and the cost of local government fees incurred from new construction. Since this method lowers costs while still giving our customer's a good amount of design control, it has become very popular.
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Need a space for the teens or in-laws? We can build a beautiful Casita so they can have their own privacy.

Casitas are a great way to increase the living space of your property but allow for private entry. This is most common for older family members who would like to move in but still want the privacy and independence of their own home. It is also common for people looking to rent out a room through web sites like Airbnb.

Other times the structures will be be built for the kids or as entertainment. In this case the building is usually less finished in the interior (no kitchens or bedrooms) and is used as a club house or pool room.
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Want to open up a dead area and expand your living space? Room too big, need to have a wall to have two smaller spaces? We can make it happen. Want rounded corners or wanto see an archway appear? How about raising that ceiling and including a soffit with soft lighting?

If you are happy with your home's size but just want to change things up a bit, we can come up with a design that captures the style and theme you are looking for. Whether you are just moving a few walls around or want to remodel the entire house, we can design and build it for you.
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For those who are happy with their location, but want to expand their square footage, we can help you add on to get that extra space you need. Whether it is a new bad and bath, extra living room space or even pushing out the kitchen wall, we can create a design that gives you the new living space you are looking for.


Most kitchen remodels turn into renovations, changing the look of the kitchen, dining room and family room combos. From tear out to completion we help you design your kitchen or bath from the ground up. Our years of experience will help you achieve the look you want. We welcome your ideas or pictures of designs you may have seen in a magazine that you would like to incorporate in your remodel. We work with several fine cabinet makers that can make any style you choose. We can direct you to find new appliances that are on the cutting edge.

Bathrooms now have an endless array of choices. From custom heated floors, heated towel bars, to jetted showers and jetted tubs. Custom rain showers, with water flowing from your ceiling into your new custom pan, plus much more.​ Our on staff interior decorator will help you with choosing products, go shopping with you and keep you on budget!
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