Land Park Addition

Land Park Room Addition


To make some more room with the baby, Daryl and Nicole decided to add on another master suit onto the back of the house.  The total addition are is 461 square feet and includes a new bedroom, new bathroom and walk-in closet, as well as a new patio area to extent the existing patio.  We converted the existing back bedroom into a bedroom, hallway and new wine room.  The wine room will be conditioned with a split system separate from the house.  The exterior will have a stucco finish with soffit style eaves and a fully stucco finished patio including the beams and posts.




  • Client: Daryl and Nicole W.
  • Location: Land Park
  • Surface Area: 461 sq. ft.
  • Year: 2020
  • Scope: Master Bed and Bath Addition
  • Architect:



Here is what the back of the house looked like before the project started.

Foundation and Floor Frame

The floor is a raised foundation style with a center footing to add structural support for the roof trusses.  With such a short span, the framing choice was 2x6 floor joists spaced 16' o.c. with 3/4" T&G sub-floor.   You can see two large hold down straps in the first picture, which were necessary to protect the structure from overturn and add to the shear strength along that wall line.

Wall Frame

This frame had 4 main room area.  The master bedroom, measuring about 15' x 18'; the master bathroom, measuring 7'-6" x 13'; the walk-in closet measuring 12' x 5'; and the wine room measuring 4' x 6'.

Roof and Trusses

This project used engineering trusses with a gable end, incorporating a vaulted ceiling in the bedroom area.  We also re-roofed the whole house, replacing any dry rot.

More To Come Soon!

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